NSim Technology's team expertise allows the realization of research and development projects integrating aspects of geosimulation, artificial intelligence, 2D/3D visualisation, as well as geomatics. Here are some of our realizations up to now.


N4GIS is a brand new geographic management module for the Neptune4 software. N4GIS is an interactive system allowing decision-makers to enter and refer to their information in a cartographic environment.

The module simplifies and unite the access to emergency information of the Neptune4 system, in a user-friendly cartographic system, integrating the following elements:

  • Geographic information
  • Field resources
  • Emergency events and requests
  • Real data (GPS)
  • Video cameras

The main features are:

  • Web client integrated in Neptune4
  • Edition and management of emergency incidents from the map
  • Management and visualization of field resources (GPS, cameras, telemetry) on the map
  • Simple and user-friendly cartographic interface
  • Performing display and 2D/3D rendering engine
  • NSim's exclusive spatio-temporal database
  • Use of various formats of existing maps
  • Real-time collaborative module


NSim technology, Defence Research and Development Canada à Kingston (RDDC-CORA) and the National Defence ally themselves to develop un new system to integrate civilian activity (crowds, pedestrian, vehicles) in current military training systems.

Up to now, virtual military training systems didn't enabled easy crowds and road traffic integration. NSim Technology developed a new system to simulate pedestrians and vehicles in virtual geographic environments. Thus, militaries can now benefit from improved realism during training sessions which integrate crowds and civilian activity in towns and cities. The CAMICS simulation system is interoperable with JCATS and VBS2. CAMICS was developed using NSim's GéoSDK technological platform.

All 3 virtual training simulators exchange information (from left to right : CAMICS, JCATS and VBS2)


NSim technology was awarded a contract with Defence Research and Development Canada of Ottawa (RDDC-CORA) for the conception of a new system to help canadian coast guard.

The system, named S6, enables researchers from the research center to use a powerful tool to plan and validate surveillance systems for the eastern and western coasts, as well as the canadian Arctic. This system was developed using NSim's GéoSDK technological platform.

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NSim was awarded a contract with DRDC-Valcartier for the development and experimentation of new approaches de nouvelles approaches in the field of automatic coordination of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

Efforts were devoted to develop a new approach integrating automatic learning algorithms enabling a decision support system (C4ISR) to distribute and dynamically adapt resources used for automatic surveillance of a georeferenced territory.

The learned concepts were developed using NSim's GéoSDK technological platform. The module is able to pinpoint series of actions to coordinate many UAVs in surveillance operations.

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